Below are some comments from customers so far, details of book reviews will follow.
"Certainly is a nice publication and a wothwhile addition to my reference library - very pleased with it - sat in the half sun on a winters day recently and read the entire book from cover to cover". 
Australian collector.
"I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your new book and that it cleared up many a mystery for me ! .....just the sort of format I could most appreciate as well as a complete smorgasbord of excellent photographs".
American collector.
Book Review from  - The Gristmill, (the publication of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association, USA) by John G.Wells.
(last three paragraphs of the review)
".........Traditional books on the history of woodworking tools explore the various qualities and characteristics of these tools; but Jonathan Green-Plumb shows the relationships between them and relates their characteristics to time periods and locations. The carved wooden planes in the section titled 'Qualities' and 'Scrolled Jointer plane' come alive when compared to their treatment in traditional histories. The section titled 'Austrian Langbeil' presents an array of long bladed, goosewing and double bearded axes with surface decoration and explains the meaning of the symbols found on them. The sections 'Lion Head Jointer' 'Carved Wooden Brace - 1642' and 'Green Men' show wooden tools with sculpturally carved imagery. The sections 'Scie de Serrurier' (locksmith's saw), 'London Pattern Glazier's Hammer', 'Other Hammers', 'Compasses' and '1636 Plane' explore decoratively made metallic tools.
Jonathan Green-Plumbs book 'Early European Decorated Tools' is a fresh approach to the history of woodworking tools. You will enjoy reading it the first time, and every time you go back to it to resolve a question or as a source for further research. It finishes with a section titled 'Tall Tool Tales', which is a very enjoyable and delightful way to end an excellent book.
'Early European Decorated Tools' is a 'must have' for all tool collectors, as well as for everyone interested in early trades, people's art, or folk art. "
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